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Dr Adam Walker


Principal investigator

Ross Maclean Senior REsearch Fellow, NHMRC rd wright Career development fellow

Adam has focused on uncovering the pathogenic mechanisms of motor neuron disease and frontotemporal dementia for over 10 years. He obtained his BSc(Hons) in biochemistry from the University of Tasmania, PhD in neuroscience from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and also at Macquarie University, Sydney. Adam was an NHMRC CJ Martin Overseas Biomedical Research Fellow and began an NHMRC RD Wright Career Development Fellowship in 2018, to continue his research on neurodegenerative diseases. His research has been supported by project grants from the NHMRC, Dementia Australia, and the Motor Neuron Disease Research Institute of Australia (with the MonSTaR Foundation and the Cure for MND Foundation). At QBI, Adam and the lab are grateful to be supported by the Ross Maclean Fellowship for MND Research and the Brazil Family Program for Neurology. Adam is a member of the University of Queensland Ally Network, which aims to ‘create a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for sex, gender and sexuality diverse people at UQ and in the broader community’.

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Dr Rebecca San gil


postdoctoral Fellow (2018-)

Bec completed her PhD at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, University of Wollongong, focused on understanding the role of heat shock proteins and glial cells in neurodegenerative disease. She is now developing new methods for analysis of neuron cultures and transgenic mouse models, to understand the role of TDP-43 in disease pathogenesis.

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Juliana Venturato


Senior Research Assistant (2018-)

Juliana uses her wealth of experience in cell culture, biochemistry and molecular biology to study the molecular mechanisms of ALS and FTD, and to keep the lab running smoothly. 

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Britt berning


phd Student (2017-)

Britt is studying the role of subcellular organelle dysfunction in MND/FTD, with a focus on neuronal cell culture and mouse models of disease. She is the recipient of an MNDRIA PhD scholarship to support her studies in our lab.


thomas hedl


PHD STUDent (2018-)

Tom uses proteomics techniques to analyse the protein composition of neuronal pathology in MND and FTD. He completed his Master of Research in the lab s in 2017, and is now undertaking his PhD studies at QBI.

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TDP-43 inclusions RSG flat FOR WEBSITE SMALL IMAGE.jpg

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Lab Alumni

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Giulia Del Rosso


Internship student (2018)

Giulia used cell culture and mouse models of ALS/FTD to help define the contribution of newly identified biochemical pathways to disease.

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Amanda obtained her PhD from the Garvan Institute, University of New South Wales, with a variety of molecular studies of mouse models of Alzheimer's Disease. Amanda took the lead on projects focused on understanding the role of neurons, astrocytes and microglia in MND and FTD onset and progression, including pre-clinical testing and analysis.


Dr Kelly Jacobs

Research Assistant (2017-2018)

Kelly assisted us in drug delivery and behavioural studies of mice, as a side-project while completing her PhD studies.




Prachi obtained her PhD from the Kolling Institute, University of Sydney, with a focus on Parkinson's Disease genetics before conducting research using laser-capture dissection of neurons for RNA isolation. In our lab, Prachi developed studies for proteomics analysis of mouse tissues and identified new potential biomarkers of disease.




Gemma learned molecular, biochemical and mouse behavioural techniques, contributing to our studies on MND/FTD pathology.


Winonah RiddeLL

Summer Student, Research Assistant (2017-2018)

Winonah joined the lab as a summer scholar, learning a variety of skills in biochemistry and histology, and continued with us to support our mouse model studies. 


DR Sheng Le


Sheng holds an MBBS and completed his PhD at Macquarie University focusing on neurocircuitry before joining our lab. He spearheaded pre-clinical MND/FTD mouse studies in our lab, and has now made the leap to advance his career in industry.



Owen Watson

Rotation student, Research Assistant (2017-2018)

Owen joined the lab for a Master of Research rotation, and continued on using his histology skills to assist with projects analysing mouse brain and spinal cord tissues.

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Hossai completed an ambitious bioinformatics and proteomics-based project focused on uncovering early disease mechanisms in a genetically modified mouse model of MND. She is now undertaking a PhD at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University.