ETHOS of the lab

Our lab is strengthened by diversity and inclusion.

We welcome lab members from around the world and from all backgrounds, and we work in a collegial and cooperative manner to both support individuals and advance our research.


Postdoctoral fellows

We are seeking postdoctoral fellows who are enthusiastic and collaborative team players, to join the group. You should be inquisitive, have a strong background in neuroscience (particularly neurodegeneration), cell biology, or biochemistry, and have expertise such as in the use of neuronal cell cultures, mouse models of disease, in vivo mouse surgery, behavioural studies, lentiviruses and AAVs, advanced molecular biology, histology, human pathology, or advanced imaging techniques. We have several exciting projects that will deepen our knowledge of the mechanisms of MND and FTD, while expanding your research directions and helping you in the next step of your career. Applicants should have an excellent track record of academic and research achievement relative to opportunity, a drive to make important scientific discoveries, and evidence of experience in scientific presentation and peer-reviewed publication. 



We are always interested to talk with enthusiastic rotation, winter/summer, Honours, Masters, and PhD students. We have many potential projects, with the possibility of personalisation based on student background and interest. If you have a strong academic or technical background in neuroscience, molecular biology, cell biology, imaging or models of disease, or you're eager to learn and make important discoveries aimed at understanding and treating disease, please be in touch.

Potential postdocs and students are encouraged to discuss with us ideas for projects and applications for fellowships or scholarships.

Email to discuss our work and how you can be involved.